Electrified T-shirt Giveaway

Over at Notes of the Urban Blues, we’re giving away some free Electrified T-shirts. It’s a pretty cool shirt, black with the Electrified movie logo, which is based on the classic Fender Stratocaster. To be entered in the drawing, all you have to do is tell us who your favorite blues artist is, and why. We’ll give away one T-shirt for every 10 entries. Complete information on how to enter and a picture of the shirt on this post. Entries close March 25th.

Electrified: The Story of the Maxwell Street Urban Blues in Austin March 11th

Electrified: The Story of the Maxwell Street Urban Blues is a new documentary that tells the definitive history of the Chicago blues. Written, directed and produced by Phil Ranstrom and narrated by actor Joe Mantegna, the film chronicles how the urban neighborhood of Maxwell Street created a unique environment of commerce and cooperation that led first to the hard-driving sound of the urban blues, and ultimately to rock and roll.
The film will be shown tomorrow March 11th in Austin, Texas at the Chuggin’ Monkey (219 E. 6th Street, Austin) at 5:15pm, followed by a live Q&A with Phil Ranstrom at 6pm. Admission is free. This special showing is part of the pre-festival celebration of the Red Gorilla Music Fest.
For more information about the film, visit our blog, Notes of the Urban Blues or the film web site.