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For Readers: BluesWire provides a stream of blues music news, views, & reviews that you control — click this link to subscribe to the entire list of articles or subscribe to receive only one kind of story (CD reviews, for example) from our list of blues feeds. We compile the news for you from a variety of sources so you can keep on top of what’s happening in blues from sources close to the scene, wherever that scene is happening. Subscribe now, and we’ll send you announcement when our first feed is going to be published. You can check out what’s in the feed, and then click on a link to modify your subscription if you find out you’re not interested in all the types of blues news we’re publishing.
For Newsmakers, Venues, Publicists, and Promoters: Spread the word to a dedicated blues audience worldwide. Send your news to bluesnews at blueswire.net, and we’ll either post it directly into the appropriate category, or we’ll have a writer contact you to develop a story. If you’re a promoter, email us and ask for a free login account so you can post your press releases, event announcements, and concert information directly into the ::HYPE (announcements) and ::GO (events) news feeds.
Writers: If you know Rice Miller from John Lee Williamson, if you can tell who the 3 Kings are, if you hear blues in every song on the radio, we might have a job for you. If you’re interested in writing for us, contact us through the website contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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